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The Original Concrete Waterer

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1. Lower Arm
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3. Base Screw
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1. Thermostat - Adjustable
2. Heater Large 1000 Watts 120V
3. 4" x 5" Copper Float
4. Drain Plug #15
5. Thermostat Bracket
Thermostat Bracket (200-0754)

Thermostat Bracket

Fits All New Style Baffles - Can Be Set Down for Winter-time use.  Old Style Baffles can be Modified to Use the Adjustable Thermostat Bracket.  Just Drill a 1/4" Hole on the Baffle Side Opposite the Heater.

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Concrete Waterers - Fountains :

Thermostat - Adjustable $99.88

Thermostat - (Adjustable) Keeps water between 40 and 70 degrees F. by turning a Brass Setscrew located at the top of the thermostat. Turning the setscrew counter-clockwise (like opening a water valve for more water) turns the heater up.

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  • The Durability of a Petersen Livestock Waterer does not rely solely on the 3/8" welded rebar cages and the 5000 P.S.I, strength concrete. Petersen's air-entrained concrete is designed for expansion and contraction during temperature changes to eliminate cracking and deterioration. Our five year warranty insures you that once you own a Petersen Concrete Waterer, Your worries are over !

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